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About us
About us

    QINCHUAN WATER SAVING is a high-tech enterprise specilizes in water-saving irrigation engineering, development and manufacture of relevant IT products. We provide software services to water industries, including water software product development, project construction, system integration and technical advice, etc.

    We have successfully finished a series of large and medium Projects Irrigation Improvement of Water Information, we also have independently researched and developed products of the water level and water flow recorder、GSM/GPRS Wireless transceiver apparatus, gate controller and so on, at the same time, we developed the irrigation water regime monitoring system,water fee system, Pumping Station Automation Monitoring System、Gate remote monitoring system、Hydropower Station automatic control system、Dam Monitoring System、Irrigation Information Central scheduling system,etc. These products have been widely used in Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Sichuan, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other regions,and have been widely praised. DongLei Irrigation District in Shaanxi Province in which the LuJing pump automatic monitoring system we constructed received first prize for scientific and technological progress of Water Resources of Shaanxi Province. Shule river Irrigation District Information engineering project in Gansu Province won the Grand Prize.

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